Scraps of Darkness September Kit "Tanya's Industrial Odyssey"

Hello dear friends!!!  I am so far behind on getting my layouts (los) done for this month.  I do have good excuses, the worst of which is that I fell in my house and really banged myself up pretty good!!!  As you can well imagine...lots of aches and pains!! 

Anyway, I'm here to share my latest lo for Scraps of Darkness (SOD) September kit.  I have so enjoyed working with this kit, it is perfect for all the men in my life.  However, there are a few pieces of Marion Smith's (MS)  "Timekeeper" collection that are so yummy vintage that I had to make something with it.  Crazy thing dear friend and co-design tech, Laura Guilley created this fabulous lo last week.  You will not believe it....we had the same idea when we started using these papers.  I had started mine last weekend, but hadn't finished it yet.  When I saw Laura's I groaned both with delight at the gorgeous lo she created, and with "Oh No!"  It's like when 2 girls where the same dress to a party....I decided to keep mine the same as when I started and just say that she was my "inspiration" since is always and truly is.  So, thank you Laura for being my inspiration this week, you are such a dear friend and talented lady!

Back to the lo.  It's my Mom as a Sophomore in high school (I think)!  The inscription on the back of the photo was to her Mom and Dad and read "To two swell people".  Definitely sounds like the 50's doesn't it?  Mom passed away a little over a year ago, so this is a tiny tribute to her. 

I started by punching around one of the MS's papers from the kit, backed it with a piece of plain cardstock so that the lovely design would show through.  I fussy cut around another piece included with all these wonderful flowers and clocks.  I glued those pieces down to another paper included as well.  Of course, I inked around the edges of the edges of the fussy cut papers before gluing them down. 

I lightly stamped a script design around the fussy cut pieces to add a little "old" look.  I spent hours embossing and cutting the oval frame around the photo, which I am sad to say is very blurry (even though I worked on it a long time too)!!  I backed the frame with a torn page from a book published in 1807, which is a real treasure for me. 

Once I got the background and photo in place I went to town with the flowers and chipboard, butterflies and all the other embellishments.  I used quite a bit of cheesecloth to get a romantic look.  Here are a few photos.

That's it for me this week dear friends!  Sorry to be so short, but I've got one more lo to finish this weekend...and I haven't even started.  Hope you have a glorious weekend and week....If you are interested in joining the Scraps of Darkness or Scraps of Elegance kit club or join in the fun on our Facebook page see the links below: