Scraps of Darkness "Wild and Free"

Dearest Friends!!  I've had a horrible week.  I had some major oral surgery on Monday, and am still on pain meds.  Ouch!  They removed 3 teeth (so all I have are 6 in front on the top), and cut, chipped and ripped out bone on both sides of my upper jaw.  I was asleep most of the time, but would wake up every once and a while.  What a creepy feeling to have them pulling and yanking!  Gives me the shivers right now.  I am so black and blue on both sides of my mouth on my face, it looks like my husband really did a number on me LOLOLO!

So, today I am sharing a layout (lo) that I just finished with one of my favorite photos.  Yep, it's me at Seaside, Oregon.  What a day, beach and sun.  It made me feel so young and happy, that I started dancing around on the beach.  My sister, Cindy, took this photo of me goofing off.  It was originally taken in color and turned out pretty dark cause of the sun position, so I tried to capture it in black and white.  It's a little grainy,  but you get the idea. 

This layout is a nod to one of the most inspiring artists for me, Di Garling.  Her use of corrugated cardboard, organic materials, and flowers is so clever.  I began my lo by using one of the Kaisercraft Coordinating Paper Add-On for the background.  I cut off about 2 1/2 inches and adhered it to some cardboard.  I used a large, long piece of cheesecloth and glued it along the edge of the left side of the paper to serve as a base for all my flowers.  I also ripped off the lower right hand corner of the paper where I plan on creating a little collage. 

I applied clear gesso to the paper so that it would take the color mists better.  I misted and splattered some Lindy's "Teapot Purple" on the background.  I also splattered some watered down gesso, so mimic the sea spray.  Then I stamped around where I thought the photo and mats would be applied. 

I created 4 photo mats, including one of corrugated cardboard and glued down the photo.  Before I adhered the mats and photo to the background, I added a lot of thread for movement. 

On the right side of the photo I placed some joint tape to look like the waves.  I alternated the tape with a phrase that was printed at the bottom of one of the Kaisercraft papers. 

On the top right side of the photo I created a tiny flower cluster with some little gems.  The little white and blue flowers were included in the Main Kit. 

At the bottom right side of the photo I created another flower collage mixed in with some real shells that were included in the Main Kit.  The little starfish is from the Blue Fern Studios chipboard included in the Elements Add On.  I first used gesso on it, and then applied some Silks acrylic glaze in "Wisteria", which came in a previous kit.  I added some little gems for sparkle on it. 

For the very right hand bottom of the lo, I applied some netting shaped chipboard from my stash, which I painted with gesso.  I treated the chipboard nautilus shell the same way as the starfish.  I used flowers from the Floral Add-On and my stash.  I also used one of the Melange pebbles that came in the Elements Add On.  I also popped in a real little shell that was included in the Main Kit.  I had to add some more gems from my stash to make it really sparkle. 

On the left side of the lo I created a border of flowers, seashells and gems.  I first used the flower sprig included in the Creativity Add On.  All of the other flowers used came in the Main or Add On kits, with the exception of the purple flowers.  The seashells are included in the Main Kit.  The little gems are from my stash. 

I had such a good time making this lo.  As you can tell, I love flowers, and this one gave me the perfect opportunity to use lots of them.  I hope you enjoyed my creative process and will leave me a little note.  Scraps of Darkness and Scraps of Elegance Kits are available at

Bye..till next time!